The Calico Fields Story

Calico Fields Lavender

We’re thrilled that everyone who visits Calico Fields can experience the tranquility of nature and the soothing powers of lavender.

Christa & Jay Falstad

When we purchased our little farm on Unicorn Lake in 2001, we knew it was a special place, surrounded by nature, and filled with wonder and possibilities. 

Prior to 2001, we were both working full-time corporate jobs.  Yet, we always knew we wanted a small farm, and both of us dreamed of having a place to grow things and be close to nature. 

We had searched for years, driving around on weekends, hoping to find that perfect little farm, a place that spoke to our hearts…then one day, almost by accident, we found what we were looking for at the end of a long dirt drive.  We signed papers, and settled on Valentine’s Day in 2001.  When we arrived for our first full day in our new home, there were two unwanted Calico cats left behind by the previous owner.  We adopted them immediately.

We spent years working on the house, tearing down old outbuildings, cutting overgrowth and underbrush & creating gardens.

When our daughter was born in 2004, we decided that Christa would quit her full time job and stay at home.  After a few attempts of growing different test crops, we decided we needed to do something meaningful with our hayfield.  With no irrigation, rocky, sandy soils, and deer – lots of deer, we knew we had a tall challenge.

We wanted to grow something unique.

We tried cut flowers, but the Maryland weeds outpaced our efforts.  We were determined to keep our farm pesticide free.

Then one day, we stumbled on a new possibility – Lavender!

Lavender loves sun, well drained sandy soils, and it hates to be overwatered. Perfect!  We started slow by planting a few plants in 2006.  Those first plants seemed to do well, so we planted more. 

Before long, we had a harvestable crop that we could take to market.  We knew our farm needed a name.  Since our two Calico cats spent just as much time in our gardens as we did, and since they followed us around while we worked, sometimes resting on our backs while we weeded, we decided to name the place Calico Fields Lavender

Since those early days,

Calico Fields has developed a complete Lavender product line…and we do it all!  We harvest the plants, distill the oil and make our products right here at the farm.  With an emphasis on quality and concern for the environment, our customers have come to expect only the best from Calico Fields.

We hope you’ll visit Calico Fields soon.  In addition to lavender, we grow Aronia berries, raise bees, and promote a sustainable lifestyle through responsible agriculture…we hope it shows in your experience with Calico Fields.

The Original Calico Cats