• Aronia Berry Applesauce
  • Aronia Berry Applesauce
  • Aronia Berry Applesauce

Aronia Berry Applesauce – Applesauce Fruit Blends


A healthy snack that also tastes great!  Antioxidant-rich berries & fresh, local peaches and apples.


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Aronia Berry Applesauce

A healthy snack that tastes great!

Aronia berry applesauce is not your typical grocery store applesauce.  It is an applesauce fruit blend of locally grown apples and peaches and aronia berry juice.  Applesauce is great on it’s own,  but when you add summer peaches at their peak of sweetness, the end result is something special!

The berries are naturally grown here at the farm.  We don’t use pesticides or chemicals of any kind.  In August, we harvest them by hand and freeze them.  Freezing the berries first, actually improves their flavor. Later, we juice the berries and use the wonderful, antioxidant -rich juice in our applesauce.

Our applesauce fruit blend is a healthy snack that tastes great too!  Aronia berries are definitely NOT a sweet fruit on there own, so we add a touch of sugar.  Just enough to balance out the tart flavors in the fruit.  As a result, fruit is definitely the star, not the sugar.  Each 10oz. jar has less than a teaspoon of sugar.    Serve it cold and enjoy the refreshing taste of summer fruit all year long.

Contains:  Apples, Peaches, Aronia Berry Juice, Sugar.

Available in an 10 oz. jar.

Did you know that Aronia, or black chokeberry, is a nutrient dense fruit?  Want to learn more about the health benefits of aronia berries?  Check out our Aronia Berry information page.

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