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Aronia Berry Jelly – Concord Grape Aronia Jelly – Low Sugar Jelly


Antioxidant rich Aronia Berries + Concord Grapes + a touch of sugar = YUM!

Made from our own farm-grown, pesticide free fruit.


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Aronia Berry Jelly

Concord Grape Aronia Jelly

We make Aronia Berry Jelly from our own organically-grown berries and fresh, seasonal fruit. Concord Grapes (grown here at the farm) make a perfect pair with the tart aronia for a delightful treat.

  We harvest the aronia berries in August and juice them to extract that beautiful, dark, healthy berry juice.  Why do we use the juice instead of the whole berry?  Partly because we don’t want the tiny seeds in our jelly, and partly because the skin of chokeberries can be kind of tough.  Cooking them greatly improves the texture and taste, but we prefer to use the juice.   

What is an aronia berry?

Aronia Berries are native berries, also called chokeberries.  They have the highest antioxidant levels of all berries.  Learn more about Aronia Berries on our info page.

Aronia are not a sweet berry.  Their earthy, bitterness, pairs well with the sweetness of other fruits, and the tartness of the added lemon juice.  Our Concord Grape Aronia Jelly is a low sugar recipe. We use Pomona’s Pectin in our jams and jellies because it allows us to use less sugar than traditional pectin.  We want the fresh, natural fruit flavors to be the star – not the sugar.

Each jar of our aronia grape jelly has less than 3 tablespoons of sugar, compared to a regular jelly recipe which could have 10 tablespoons in each jar.

Available in 4oz. jars….The perfect size for gifts!


If you’ve never tried Aronia Berries, this is the perfect place to start!

Ingredients:  Concord Grape Juice, Aronia Berry Juice, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Pomonas Pectin

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