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Balsam Scented Wax Melts- Woodland Walk Wax Melts


A walk in the woods on a crisp winter day.


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Woodland Walk

Balsam Scented Wax Melts

The Woodland Walk balsam scented wax melts smell just like they sounds  It’s Balsam, which we all love, but it’s also so much more!  Crisp pine, aromatic cedar leaf and juniper berries with a touch of lavender and honey.

 The Woodland Walk wax melts are part of The Welcome Home Collection, which is our brand new line of candles made with premium waxes and fragrance oils.  Our candles are hand-poured, by us, here on our farm, in small batches.  They are not mass produced, but made with love and attention to detail.  We use our own unique blend of soy wax, coconut wax and beeswax.  Each candle/scent combination is paired with it’s own unique cotton wick for optimum scent throw. Each candle contains only premium phthalate free fragrance oils and essential oils.

3oz. Place on or two wax cubes in your electric wax warmer.

Burn Time 45-55 Hours

Woodland Walk is also available as 12oz. full size candle.

To get the best experience from your candles, please check out our Candle Burning Tips.


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