Fresh Cut Lavender Bundles


Sold out for 2017 Lavender Season!  Thank you!

Bring the soothing scent of fields of lavender to your home with our hand harvested, organically-grown, Fresh Cut Lavender Bundles.

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Shipping for Fresh Cut Lavender Bundles is Done for the 2017 Season.


Our organically-grown fresh cut lavender bundles will be harvested by hand and shipped. Each long stemmed bundle is cut to order and contains around 150 individual lavender stems.

Unwrap your fresh bundles immediately upon receipt.  To dry your lavender naturally, simply place in a vase (no water needed) or hang upside down.  To keep the lavender fresh a little longer, place in a vase with very little water (less than 1″).  As the water is used up, the lavender will dry naturally.


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