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  • fresh cut peony flowers
  • fresh cut peony flowers

Fresh Cut Peony Flowers – Shirley Temple – White Peony


A classic beauty!  Large, fully double flowers opening as a blush pink and fading to white as they age.



Fresh Cut Peony Flowers

Shirley Temple

Treat yourself, or someone special, to fresh cut peony flowers.  Shirley Temple peony hosts large, double blooms that open as a blush pink that fades to white as they age, occasionally with crimson highlights on the central petals.

* Large Fully-double blooms

* 15-20″ stem length

* Scent: none to light

 * Shipping:  We ship peonies via USPS Express mail to ensure that they arrive to your destination quickly.  It costs more to ship this way, but the faster they get to you, the less time they spend without water.

Please note:  If you are ordering other items from our site along with your peonies, the normal $8 priority rate shipping will be applied to those items in your cart in addition to the express rate on your peony order and they will be shipped separately.  Fresh cut peonies are NOT eligible for free shipping. 

Caring for your peony flowers:

Unwrap your fresh bundles immediately upon receipt!

Your peonies will arrive looking like a “ball” shape.  They may appear wilted or limp.  If so, DON’T PANIC!  They have been in transit without water.  They must be re-hydrated immediately.

* Prepare lukewarm water in a container.

* Cut the stems at least one inch from the bottom at a 45 degree angle and place the stems into the prepared water.  Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight to let them recover, which may take up to 12 hours.  If they still appear wilted after that time, re-cut the stems and place back into fresh water.

* Once re-hydrated……. flowers can be placed in cool water (not cold) to slow the blooming process.  Use warm (not hot) water to expedite blooming.

* Change the water every few days or if it gets cloudy.

* Floral preservative can be used, but it’s not necessary.

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