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  • Frozen Aronia Berries
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Frozen Aronia Berries – Black Chokeberries


Superfood – Aronia Berries – The highest level of antioxidants of all fruit!

Available for Pick Up at the farm only.  We do not ship frozen berries.

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Frozen Aronia Berries

Available for Local Pick Up ONLY!

What are Aronia Berries?  In short…… they are a native berry that are gaining in popularity among individuals looking for healthy foods.  Aronia has achieved superfood status because of it’s high levels of antioxidants and nutrients.  In fact, aronia has the highest level of antioxidants of all berries!  Read more about Aronia on our information page.

The berries themselves are quite astringent due to their high tannins.  We’ve found that freezing them brings out some additional sweetness.  Frozen berries are wonderful for baking, juicing, great in smoothies or added to oatmeal.  Replace aronia berries for blueberries in most baking recipes, or combine them with other fruits to greatly enhance their flavor while still getting the health benefits.

Our frozen aronia berries are available in 1.5 lb. bags for $4.50 (that’s $3/lb).

We grow them naturally without any added chemicals or pesticides.  The berries have been picked this season, washed and de-stemmed and then frozen. 

Available for PICK UP ONLY,  at the farm.  If you would like to order online…… please choose local pickup at checkout.  The option is available once you enter your local address.

Sorry.  We do not currently ship frozen berries.

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