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Herbal Eye Pillow – Lavender Dream Pillow

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Get the best night’s sleep with an aromatherapy eye pillow filled with therapeutic herbs.

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Serenity Eye Pillow

A therapeutic eye pillow for a deep and restful sleep.

If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping, you know it can be frustrating.  We love our Lavender Eye Pillow for helping us relax or to soothe a headache. Why not add other botanicals and make an herbal eye pillow that packs an extra boost of aromatherapy?

– Lavender helps ease stress and helps us relax.

– Hops and Calendula help to induce a restful sleep. 

– Chamomile is used for relaxation and helps with pleasant dreams.

Combine them all together with flax seed to give it some weight and you’ve got a wonderful eye pillow for sleep.  One of our favorite products!  We use it nightly.  Not only does it help you fall asleep, but you stay asleep!

The herbal sleep pillow may be microwaved in short increments for warmth, but we don’t think you’ll need to.  It’s perfect just the way it is!

Please Do Not immerse in water.


1 review for Herbal Eye Pillow – Lavender Dream Pillow

  1. Alyssa Romano

    I’ve had my eye pillow for a year now. It has held its shape and scent like its day 1!
    With Covid going on, I sorely miss the farm and it’s a beautiful nightly (and sometimes during the day) reminder of there!

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