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  • Mason Bee House
  • Mason Bee House

Mason Bee House – Orchard Bee House – Native Bees


Hang this Mason Bee House in a sunny spot in your garden, then watch them move in and do the work!

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Mason Bee House

Handcrafted Native Bee House

Attract beneficial native bees to your garden with our handcrafted Mason Bee House.

Mason bees (also called orchard bees) are much more efficient pollinators than the well known honeybee.  They can pollinate up to 50 x more than a honeybee.  Smaller than a honeybee, they are gentle, solitary bees that make their nests with mud in small dark cavities.

Hang this orchard bee house in a sunny spot in your garden.  They are maintenance free.  No equipment necessary, no hives to maintain.  Some people clean out the holes every season.  We leave the work to the bees and let them do their thing.

The best time to attract them is in the spring and early summer.

A must for the avid gardener!

Measures 12″ tall x 5″ wide x 4.5″ deep…. with 3 holes for hanging a the top.

We have only 1 remaining…. not sure if we will be getting more!

Great gift for the gardener.

Find more information on mason bees here.

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