• Natural Sleep Balm
  • Natural Sleep Balm
  • Natural Sleep Balm

Natural Sleep Balm – Relax Sleep Salve – Calming Lavender Balm


Help ease your mind with a natural blend of essential oils that are soothing, refreshing & relaxing.


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Natural Sleep Balm

Calming & Relaxation

We’ve all got a lot going on and sometimes it’s hard to relax at the end of the day.  Relax Sleep Salve is meant to help with that by soothing and calming the mind.  It’s a natural sleep balm that helps lighten mental fatigue so that sleep comes easier.  Essential oils can help with that and we’ve included a good amount of them in our “night night” balm.

 LAVENDER –  Promotes calm and relaxation and we could stop there and call it a lavender sleep balm, but we made it even better.

 SWEET ORANGE – Helps with nervous tension, is a calming “happy oil”

 PATCHOULI – Helps alleviate worry and tension.

 YARROW – Calms the mind.

 PEPPERMINT – Is soothing and refreshing.


 HOPS – Has sedative effects that can increase sleep time.

 LEMON – Is uplifting to the mood.

 GRAPEFRUIT – Lightens mental fatigue and moodiness.

BERGAMOT – Helps ease feelings of anxiety.

 TANGERINE – Reduces nervous tension and clears the mind.

These are the ingredients, plus Sweet Almond Oil and Beeswax and that’s it. 

To use the sleep well balm simply rub onto pulse points, under the nose, or on the lips (makes a nice lip balm too) to help relax and calm the mind.  You can also rub some on your hands and just breathe in the fresh scent anytime you want to relax.

.5 oz tin

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