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Pressed Floral Design – Milkweed Monarch


A tribute to the beautiful Monarch butterfly in a meadow of beautiful blooms.

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Pressed Floral Design

The Monarch Butterfly

A pressed floral design featuring the beautiful Monarch Butterfly.  In case you didn’t know, we LOVE Monarchs.  Over the years we’ve planted more and more milkweed, which is the host plant for the monarch caterpillar.  The flowers of the milkweed are also a nectar source for monarchs and other butterflies.  And guess what?  It’s working.  Every year we are seeing more butterflies!

This collection of dried florals includes some favorite sources of nectar for bees and butterflies……… milkweed, lavender, blue beard and cute little daisies.  Made with real dried flowers gathered and pressed at the farm.

Of course, all butterflies were found already deceased.

Each pressed flower arrangement is unique and one-of-kind.

Framed in a 6.75 x 8.75″ black tabletop frame.

Display out of direct sun for longer lasting color preservation.

Only 1 available!

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